Cute and Crafty: Thrifty Valentine’s gifts

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with a homemade card? Especially for us broke college students! Here’s a couple fun––and cheap––ways to win over that special someone. What you will need: Red and pink construction paper, heart shaped doilies, glue (both stick and liquid), glitter, markers or any colorful writing utensils and any other adornments you might like.  

  1. Grab some pink or red construction paper and fold it in half the short way––hamburger style).

  2. Draw half of a heart on one side.

  3. With the paper still folded, cut along your line and open.

  4. Once opened, glue a doily heart in the middle––glue sticks usually work best for this part.

  5. Write a message to that special someone of yours ... or to your mom.

  6. Add decorations of all sorts. For glitter, use liquid glue.

  7. Give the card to your Valentine and watch their face light up.

  8. Enjoy your romantic night.


What you’ll need: Two wire hangers, red or pink construction paper, string or yarn, marker––white or black will work best––and either a stapler or tape.


  1. Make an “X” with the two hangers by placing one inside the other and either tape or tie them in place.

  2. Cut any number or size of hearts out from the construction paper––generally, more for smaller hearts and fewer for larger hearts. See the above craft for directions on cutting hearts.

  3. Write all of the reasons why you love your Valentine on these hearts.

  4. Staple or tape one end of a length of string/yarn to the heart and tie the other end to the bottom of the hanger.

  5. Hold your love-mobile up for that special someone to see.


What you’ll need: Pink or red construction paper, a stapler and a marker.


  1. Fold and cut the paper in 1/8––in half “hot dog” then fold 1/4

  2. On each piece, write coupons for all the things your significant other wants, but you don’t usually do.

  3. Staple the booklet together at one end.

  4. Give your gift and let the fun––or housework––begin.