Invasion of Privacy: Photographer takes his skill from hobby to profession at Disney

Senior Michael Worboys manages an impressive and complementary set of interests. His passion for education, photography and the outdoors has led him to his next adventure as a photographer in the parks through The Disney College Program. Self-proclaimed “outdoors guy” Worboys noted that he got his start with photography by taking trips to the Adirondacks. Raised in Brockport, New York, he grew up hiking with his dad.

“I grew up going to the Adirondacks three or four times a year, and just a few years ago I got really into hiking,” Worboys said. “It was a very scenic place.”

His photography interest began as a hobby, but his natural talent has brought him far. In addition to being a staff photographer for The Lamron, Worboys has also done family portraits for cousins, aunts and uncles. Despite being mostly self-taught, he said that he is looking forward to being a photographer for Disney next semester.

Evidently a family man, Worboys’ decision to attend the Disney College Program next semester was influenced by his sister. Being 12 years her junior, he reflected on visiting her when she did the program herself. He explained that he was young at the time and he recalled his sister telling stories “about how much fun it was.”

“I love Disney, so it was always something I wanted to do in college,” Worboys said.

The spring 2015 semester was the best opportunity to achieve his goal. Worboys was ultimately accepted and said that he looks forward to putting his photography skills to good use as a photo pass photographer.

Worboys is particularly excited about the prospect of taking pictures of people in the parks and mentioned the possibility of “get[ting] placed in front of the castle, like the iconic Disney picture in front of the castle or in front of any of the characters.”

Following his semester at Disney, Worboys will return to Geneseo to complete student teaching. Currently an education major with an environmental studies minor, Worboys pointed to his family as his inspiration for going into education. He grew up surrounded by kids, as his mom was a babysitter, and this fostered his love for children.

“I knew I wanted to work with kids and being a teacher is a good outlet for that,” Worboys said. “When my older brother and sister had kids, that solidified it.”

When he isn’t taking photographs or looking forward to working for National Geographic, Worboys loves to return to his roots in Brockport. He noted that he hopes to take more pictures when he returns home in the summer in addition to hiking; he particularly enjoys the high peak mountains.

“Me and my dad have [hiked] 31 of the high peak mountains, so it’s something fun to work at,” Worboys said.

Despite being modest about his achievements, Worboys has big ideas for his future. He said that he plans to complete his student teaching after working at Disney and hopes that this opportunity could open the door to a professional internship with photography down the line.

Ideally down the road, Worboys noted that he hopes to work at a prestigious job such as National Geographic Education or National Geographic Kids. “It’s kind of far off,” he said. “But that’s my dream.”