Kim K “breaks” Internet, not stereotypes

New York-based Paper magazine recently released its Winter 2014 issue. The issue stunned audiences with Kim Kardashian posing nude on the front cover, baring her famous bottom with the words “BREAK THE INTERNET” across the page. What was even more shocking were the full frontal nude pictures plastered across the pages throughout the magazine, indeed outraging the Internet. In one shot, Kardashian is photographed grinning as she bares her bottom, while in another, she holds a bottle of champagne as it shoots through the air and into a glass that rests on her derriére. Known for his photographs of the Jamaican model Grace Jones, French artist Jean-Paul Goude photographed Kardashian, whose pose was influenced by Jones.

Some might remember Kardashian complaining about posing nude for Playboy back in 2007, when she requested to be completely draped in pearls. There was another time in 2010 when she posed nude for the cover of W Magazine and expected that it be censored, but the spread in the magazine pictured her covered in paint with no censors, which outraged Kardashian.

So why the sudden change in thought? It may be that after giving birth, she is proud to show off her body. She is getting a lot of flack from critics who question whether, as a mother, she should be posing nude.

Both mothers and non-mothers alike should applaud Kardashian for being brave enough to display her body after giving birth to baby North West. She is among a long line of celebrities encouraging women to be proud of their bodies no matter their age or shape.

It seems that in today’s society, it is very difficult for women to feel beautiful despite all the pressures of the media. As one of the reigning queens of the celebrity press and social media, Kardashian has a lot of influence on women––and mothers––everywhere.

Although her move is encouraging to mothers, the photo spread is also unrealistic. Throughout the magazine, all of the photographs show Kardashian’s body with no wrinkles, stretch marks or anything else—just a voluptuous, oiled-up body. At 34 years old and after one baby, Photoshop must have been involved to produce such a close to perfect image.

If Kardashian wants to promote the female body, she should show hers off as it is, especially since various sources are admitting to retouching the photos. Critics should be wary of the retouching that goes into the photographs rather than the actions of Kardashian.

Although Kim Kardashian will always be ridiculed for some reason or another, hopefully women will focus on the positive that Kardashian has elicited from her magazine spread—embracing the female body.