G-Spot: The Lamron staff debates anal sex

We’ve all thought about butt stuff at one point or another. Maybe you like it, maybe you hate it, but everyone has an opinion on the matter. No one is “indifferent” about anal sex. According to Kinsey Confidential, only about 10 percent of heterosexual couples have had anal sex in the past year. So why do people feel so pressured to perform anal? To me, butt sex is something strange and mysterious. The best way I can describe my fears is by relating it to a champagne bottle––the penis being the cork and the bottle being the anus. The champagne is, well, feces. There is so much pressure built up and when you open a bottle of champagne, or take your penis out of the anus … well I’m sure you can imagine. There is also the chance that your anus can prolapse if the sex is too rough.

My boyfriend has three reasons why he wants to have anal sex. He said, “I hear from my friends and other ‘non-credible’ sources about how totally dope and great it feels.” Then he goes into his second reason: being that anal is a fairly taboo topic, it makes it dirtier and more mysterious. He therefore has more of a desire to obtain and explore the option. His third reason is simply because he wants to be able to say he has had anal sex.

Members of The Lamron staff shared their feelings as well. The girls mostly agreed that anal sex is something that doesn’t need to be done. The general sentiment was: You’re so close to a perfectly good vagina. It’s right there. Just use that.

“For some reason, in heterosexual relationships, guys seem to be obsessed with trying anal sex,” said arts & entertainment editor junior Allyson Pereyra.

The boys had other ideas. “I believe Robert Frost was talking about anal sex when he wrote, ‘Two roads diverged in a wood and I––I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference,’” managing editor junior Kevin Frankel said. “Just have fun and be safe with it.”

“Much of the stigma surrounding anal sex stems from the fetishization of women as objects that can be exposed, used and treated however their male partner wishes,” associate photo editor senior Sean Russell explained. “Personally, I think it comes down to individual preference and responsibility.”

Sports editor junior Taylor Frank added, “For me, anal sex seems like something to knock off a sexual bucket list. The issues that come up with butt stuff far outweigh the guarantee of no pregnancy.”

Staff photographer senior Kenneth Santos shared a more existential point of view. “Who cares where you put your dick, we’re all going to die anyway,” he said. “Anal sex is just a social construct. It’s all just sex.”

Anal sex is definitely something to be talked about with your partner, heterosexual or otherwise. I suggest talking through the act before just diving into something that you think is an expectation from your partner. Much like having vaginal sex for the first time, it is special and different.