Volleyball ends season with weekend split

At the close of its season, the Geneseo volleyball team finished with an overall record of 18-9. The team didn’t do as well as it had hoped on Saturday Nov. 1, beating St. John Fisher College 3-1, but falling to Hiram College 3-1. Hiram is one of the most competitive teams in Division III women’s volleyball, however––just being able to take a set from them was an accomplishment for the Knights.

“The girls definitely overall played well against Fisher,” head coach Jennifer Salmon said. “They had a little bit of a flat … we lost a set against Fisher, but then were able to rebound and win three, which is nice. I think defensively we played really well. Aggressive serving helped us.”

The foundation of the team is tricky to pinpoint, considering there are so many factors to the team’s improvement over the previous season. The strength of that foundation, however, is undeniable. “The foundation that they laid and the groundwork is solid,” Salmon said. “I am looking forward to building on it.”

Even though the team didn’t make it to the postseason, Salmon and the team remain positive. The team is focused on the vast array of improvements it has made as a whole.

“We have a lot to be proud of and have a lot to remember this season by,” Salmon said. “If our curve goes at the same rate, it’s going to be a dominant year [next season].”

Even though the end result was not ideal, Salmon emphasized how proud she was of her team.

“Although our season has come to an end, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to coach this amazing group of young women,” she said. “The joy I feel watching the team of wonderful individuals create a special bond and truly love, value and care for each other is an invaluable experience that I will always cherish.”

The team has undoubtedly worked hard to have accomplished what it has this season. It will be interesting to see if the group can maintain some of its momentum and get back into the postseason next year.

“The strides made, accomplishments achieved, records obtained and memories created––this year will forever be in our hearts,” Salmon said.