Simple, spirited Halloween costumes

Scenario: It’s the day before Halloween and you desperately need a costume for that party you just got invited to. Midterms are over, the week has just ended and now you want to go out, but you don’t want to be the only one at the party without a “real” costume. Whether you want to be a vampire, a cat or something more original, you can find everything in your closet or with an easy trip to Wal-Mart or Goodwill. Be a mummy. There’s a simple and comical way to do it: toilet paper. Wrap yourself in it or any other type of long material for a simple, classic mummy look.

Although vampires, witches, cats and mice are at times overplayed, dressing up as one of these archetype fictional horror figures will grant you an easy remedy for that last minute get-together. All you need is a black outfit and some makeup.

If you want to go for a more original costume, try going with a historical character––dress up as Rosie the Riveter. All you need is a denim shirt, a polka dot bandana and a bun and you’re set to go. You could try Frida Kahlo for a little artistic representation. Create the classic unibrow by rubbing eyeliner between your brows, put on a flower headband, find a peasant shirt and voila!

If you want to try and be funny on Halloween and don’t have any time, do something simple. Be a pothead––literally wear a pot on your head. Or you can try to be a stick figure, just trace the outline of your body with black tape. Wrap a scarf around your head and carry a globe, and suddenly you’re a fortune teller.

You can also take a trip to Wal-Mart where they sell Superman shirts for just $7. Wear a white button down, jeans, maybe a tie over the shirt and you’re automatically Clark Kent. Or be Waldo and get people to try and find you by wearing a red-striped shirt and jeans. Hide from your friends and trick them into finding you. Another option is to try being “witty” is to dress as pumpkin pie by attaching a pie symbol to an orange t-shirt.

If none of these options sound appealing to you, there are plenty of online sites that list various options you can pull together in less than two hours. Buzzfeed has a list of “51 Last Minute Costume Ideas” that will guarantee one for your taste. If that’s not your style, Pinterest has plenty of pins that provide unique, quick costume ideas.

If all else fails, be a ghost and cut holes in a white sheet. Everyone appreciates a good spook.