School of Business hires new Dean, works to increase department visibility

  Geneseo recently named Denise Rotondo as Dean of the School of Business, replacing interim dean Walter Roettger.

Prior to being selected, Rotondo served as Dean of Business for seven years at Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina. There, she taught management classes and led an initiative that resulted in AACSB initial accreditation.

Rotondo cited the new opportunities she will have at Geneseo as the primary reason for her major career move.

“I now have the opportunity to work with the brightest, most motivated students I’ve seen in over 20 years, as well as a talented faculty who excel at teaching, scholarship and professional involvement,” she said. “I also have the opportunity to strengthen some outstanding academic programs by engaging the business community more directly with students and faculty.”

Her credentials include a doctorate in business administration from Florida State University with an emphasis on organizational behavior and human resource management. In addition, she also earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida followed by a master’s degree from Florida State.

Rotondo plans to cooperate with professors and students alike in order to “improve and expand” the School of Business.

“We are planning on the introduction of concentrations in areas such as finance and marketing for Business School majors; a revision to the professional development requirement which will ensure all business students develop strong job-search skills early in their academic program,” she said. “These skills will be bolstered by the expansion of opportunities for students to network with alumni and busibusiness professionals, leading to internships and job placements.”

With this plan in mind, Rotondo hopes to see the School of Business’ professional recognition grow.

“At Geneseo, we offer an outstanding business education by combining the best of a strong liberal arts education with exceptional professional preparation,” Rotondo said. “Our students have remarkable career success. The achievements of our graduates keep employers coming back ... and many employers reach out to us even though Geneseo is not on their firm’s ‘typical’ college-recruiting circuit. I want the School of Business at Geneseo to be recognized and across the state and beyond for the quality of our program and the value it offers to students.”

The School of Business currently has over 850 students majoring in accounting, business administration and economics. The school also offers graduate programs in accounting. The enrollment in the School of Business programs, as well as the number of internships offered, grew for a second time in 2014.

“The growth in Business School majors and remarkable job placements of our students told me that the school was thriving,” Rotondo said. “It was a wonderful professional opportunity for me and my family. Also, I’m a huge ice hockey fan, and when I saw the Geneseo’s men’s team went to the Frozen Four, I knew it was the right place for me.”

Rotondo is excited about her new position and the future that lies ahead.

“I have enough experience reviewing other business programs and visiting business schools all over the world to know a hidden gem when I see it,” she said. “We have a very bright future ahead.”