Sexy or silly? Fine arts find way onto Tinder

The popular dating app Tinder has a humorous reputation, with many users downloading it as a means to have fun. These users generally spend their time on the app casually messaging and interacting online with others. Recently, however, the dating site has seen a new trend: men posting photos of themselves posing with various types of art. Blogger and artist Sally Glass pinpointed this curious photo trend. After finding many art-related photographs on the app, she created a blog titled “Tinder Guys Posing With Art,” showcasing male users with various art pieces. The blog highlights everything from men posing on sculptures to mimicking paintings.

Profiles on Tinder have the power to attract different types of people. For example, if an individual posts a picture with a pet, they are bound to attract animal lovers. This same concept translates with individuals posting photographs with artwork. So what are men attempting to do with using art as a backdrop in their photos? They may be looking to attract women who are artists, or perhaps they may be looking for someone cultured and intelligent. It is also possible that the men themselves are hoping to come across as intellectual or artsy.

Glass finds the art-filled photos to be more of an amusing trend than an actual determining factor for dates. Besides using her blog to elicit humor, Glass uses her blog as an educational tool for anyone who stumbles upon it. She includes a photo of the actual art piece with its title and artist’s name.

I agree with Glass; the photos are more entertaining than attractive, and many of the pictures cause users to appear more preposterous than cultured. Mimicking gestures of a painting or attempting to pose seductively next to a sculpture make users seem more silly than sexy.

For some, the artwork may increase the attractiveness of a man, while others may even find certain photographs with artwork disrespectful to the artist. I wonder if the art trend is actually helping users achieve dates. It would be interesting to hear how successful Tinder users have been with this trend.

Glass’ blog makes fun of the men she finds on the dating app and provides an entertaining alternative to actually using Tinder as a way to find dates. Many Tinder users already do not take the app seriously as a dating site and the new art-photo phenomenon is only adding to the comedy associated with Tinder.

Although the art photos on Tinder add to the app’s lighthearted usage, the humorous blog may help attract potential users looking to swipe right and find an art-filled profile match of their own.