iPhone 6 delivers with new software, apps

With all the hype surrounding the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, it was hard to not to get excited about the prospect of buying one. I had the iPhone 4 before I ordered the 6—it was absolutely time for an upgrade. The first thing you notice about the iPhone 6 is its size. The increased length and width of the phone initially seems overwhelming to Apple users—the phone resembles an Android device more than an iPhone. The size, however, is actually quite easy to get used to. Apple made the 6 less than seven millimeters thick, which definitely feels better in the pocket.

The camera is also noticeably better. Although the eight megapixels and f/2.2 aperture have not changed from the 5, the 6 has the ability to shoot video in 1080p high definition. The phone can also shoot in 240 frames-per-second slow motion and can time-lapse video as well.

Apple conveniently used the same charge port in the 6 as the 5C and 5S. Many people have been annoyed that old chargers for iPods and iPhones dating back over a decade don’t work on the 5 or the iPad 2. For now, however, it looks like Apple will stick with their new, smaller charge ports.

Apple also carried over its effective “Touch ID” feature from the iPhone 5, and it works quite well. With Touch ID, you can input up to five fingerprints to unlock the phone. This is particularly useful when walking or when trying to be discreet in class.

The latest software for iPhones, iOS 8, comes preloaded on the 6. My favorite feature of this new software is being able to dictate texts verbally. Paired with Touch ID, iOS 8 makes it much safer to “text” and search for directions while driving; it is also easier to text while nursing a hand injury.

Another great feature of iOS 8 is the plethora of new built-in apps—including “iBooks,” “Tips” and “Health.” Health allows users to track eating and workout habits, as well as things like blood glucose levels and blood pressure. As someone with Type I Diabetes, this app is a great way to monitor my sugar levels and maintain a higher quality of life.

Above all else, iPhone users continue to buy Apple products because they are incredibly user-friendly. The 6 absolutely lives up to this standard. Its new features are very easy to understand and use––my tech-illiterate mother bought a 6 and the only trouble she had was putting the case on correctly.

The only downside to the new iPhone is that it is expensive. Many wireless carriers, however, are offering deals to people whose contracts have expired (thank you Verizon). If your carrier is one of those, then the iPhone 6 is most definitely worth the upgrade.