TED Talks club prepares to host speakers on campus

“Ideas worth sharing” is the motto of global organization Technology, Entertainment and Design, often referred to as TED. TED utilizes speakers that specialize in a variety of fields in order to spread new ideas to the public. TED’s emphasis on innovative ideas has sparked interest within members of the Geneseo student body, leading to the formation of Geneseo’s TED Talks organization. The new club is working to bring a TEDx event to campus later this year.

Sophomore Hannah Loo is spearheading the effort to coordinate this event, which will consist of Geneseo speakers sharing their experiences and expertise to an audience of interested spectators.

“Because it’s the first year, we are going to start small,” Loo said. “The speakers will be from three groups: faculty, students and alumni. We want to start local and then expand outward.”

The event will be held in the spring semester in March or April. The planning process is still in early stages, but Loo is not working alone. Sophomore Jenny Cheng holds the title of executive producer and is second-in-command as far as planning goes.

“Our club is different because its goal is solely to put on this conference,” Cheng said. “We have a core of about eight people working on it.”

As the official organizer, Loo was responsible for getting the event approved by the larger TED organization.

“I started last semester and had to submit a license for approval,” Loo said. “An employee of TED is a Geneseo alum, so I Skyped with her to figure the process out. I got approval in June or July.”

Loo may not be the first person to attempt to bring a TEDx event to campus, but she may be the first to be successful.

“Other people have tried, so I spoke to them to get the basics of what to do,” Loo said.

TED has a rule starting that no more than 100 people can attend a TEDx event. This has forced club members to try to find a venue that is both intimate and has the necessary technology to make the event possible.

Loo hopes that individuals will take away something positive from attending the TEDx event.

“The theme we want people to get out of this event is to take the ideas from the speakers and focus them into your own life,” Loo said. “We want people to take these ideas and do something great with them.”