3 Legged Pig serves up juicy delights

Outside the familiar confines of Main Street lies the unassuming, yet absolutely delicious pit barbeque restaurant 3 Legged Pig BBQ. Serving up essential fare including St. Louis-style ribs, pulled pork, brisket and more, 3 Legged Pig offers an authentic barbeque experience with an ambiance to match. Located in in Lakeville, New York––just a few miles from the Geneseo Wegmans––3 Legged Pig achieves a perfect marriage of a casual, laid-back atmosphere with undeniably good food.

I had no idea what to expect going to 3 Legged Pig for the first time. At first glance, the small storefront and lack of décor was mildly discouraging. Unlike a traditional sit-down restaurant, you give your order to a cashier as you enter, seat yourself and wait for the food to arrive. I sat outside, overlooking Vitale Park and Conesus Lake. A group of old friends were seated next to me, reminiscing and getting progressively drunker and more jovial as the night wore on.

The meal started with Cajun catfish fingers that were fried to perfection. The batter was expertly crisped, while the fish remained plump and juicy. The only flaw I could find was that they were over-seasoned, as the fish itself had more than enough flavor to satisfy without the smattering of spices used in the batter. I was thoroughly impressed, yet remained skeptical until the entrees arrived.

I ordered the St. Louis-style ribs with sides of macaroni and cheese and potato salad. As soon as I bit into my first rib, my lingering reservations dissipated instantly. The meat was tender, falling right off the bone—more than can be said about ribs from nearby mainstays like Sticky Lips or Dinosaur BBQ.

The sides were a nice complement to the main course. The mac and cheese was comfort food done right and the potato salad was a tangy contrast to the rich, almost-sweet barbeque sauce.

By the time the check came, I could barely move because I was so full—a testament to the quality (and quantity) of the food. With a menu that also includes sandwiches, chicken and beef dishes, 3 Legged Pig definitely encourages repeat visits.

As far as a Sunday night dinner goes, it’s hard to do much better than 3 Legged Pig—especially if you are on a budget and can’t swing a meal at Ember Woodfire Grill or Big Tree Inn. Vegans and vegetarians beware, however; the menu is overwhelmingly meat-centric.

So next time you find yourself craving some barbeque, don’t think you need to journey out all the way to Rochester; 3 Legged Pig is just down the road.