Walk The Moon to perform at fall concert

Activities Commission will present indie-pop band Walk the Moon as the first performance of this year’s two-part concert series. The concert will take place in the College Union Ballroom on November 16 at 8 p.m. instead of Kuhl Gymnasium, where it has taken place in the past. Approximately 700 tickets will be available. They will be $13 for Geneseo students and $18 for the general public.

The Cincinnati, Ohio-based quartet formed in 2008 under lead singer Nicholas Petricca. The group is currently working on a new album, which will feature the single “Shut Up and Dance.” Since the band is not touring over the fall, Geneseo students will be some of the first to hear the newest songs that will be featured alongside the single.

“We are expecting tickets to sell pretty fast,” AC concerts coordinator senior Juli Grygier said. “Although it is too early to gauge whether it will completely sell out, we are anticipating a big showing.”

AC worked to recruit the indie band, negotiating flying arrangements specifically for the band members since they are not touring in New York.

Holding the concert in the Ballroom is somewhat of a unique addition to the new fall concert, never done before by AC. Student Association tech services are eager to use their equipment, as well as equipment rented from Rochester’s Northeastern Production Company. Students will spend the entire day setting up for the Sunday evening concert.

“This will probably be a much nicer space to experience a concert in,” Student Association tech board member junior Zoe Marshall said. “It will be more intimate, with the smaller space and more comfortable atmosphere.”

Grygier and others members of AC have specials in store for those who purchase tickets early as well. A promotion automatically enters the first 100 ticket holders into a drawing, where 15 winning students will have the opportunity to meet the band personally, as well as receive an autographed poster.

“I am so excited to see Walk the Moon,” senior Brandon Merlino said. “I’ve followed [the band] since Petricca started [it] in 2008. I would love to be one of the students selected to meet them.”

Many other students have shown widespread excitement for the band selection.

“People are learning slowly and in waves,” Grygier said. “But everything I have heard is positive. I can’t wait to see how the concert turns out.”