Student Expo celebrates extracurriculars encourage campus involvement

Another year is rapidly dawning on us and with it is a new sense of “FOMO,” or fear of missing out. It’s the notion that somewhere other people are having a better time than you––this can be personally crippling or socially fatal in college. Geneseo’s semi-annual remedy for FOMO, the Student Organization Expo, was held on Wednesday Sept. 10. According to Coordinator of Student Programs and Activities Tiffany Brodner, attendance was impressively high.

“A good guess is to say we hit 2,000 students. We have almost 180 organizations registered to 119 tables in the ballroom and all over the Union,” Brodner said.

“A big part of the college experience is the classroom stuff but if you ask people what they remember most, it’s typically not something in the classroom––it’s typically an experience outside of the classroom. Being part of an organization is excellent training for outside of college,” she added.

Director of Student Life Charles Matthews said he shares Brodner’s opinion.

“There are so many benefits to being in a club: The idea of teamwork, interpersonal skills, problem solving. It embodies the idea of a liberal arts education of being well-rounded,” Matthews said.

Co-captain of club cheerleading junior Megan Brunner hoped more people would show up to tryouts because of the expo.

“When we look for girls at tryouts we look for girls who have experience but all are welcome, no experience necessary,” Brunner said.

Overall, the event was an overwhelming success with a tangible energy. Every organization in attendance seemed to find recruits and students who attended were one step closer to finding their own niche.