Smokers Choice lights up student interest

Student smokers will no longer have to make the trek to Rochester for their tobacco needs as smoke shop Smokers Choice recently opened its doors in the Geneseo Valley Plaza. Not only does Geneseo finally have a bonafide head shop, but also after Halloween, Ha Ha Hookah lounge will be opening in the back of the store. The spacious room will be stocked with large TVs, even larger speakers, comfortable seating arrangements and massive, delicious, lung-staining hookahs.

The shop is not independent and is proudly representing the caboose of a 53-store chain across New York and Pennsylvania. Because the company buys its products in bulk, the stores are able to offer low prices that independently owned smoke shops would label fiscally ludicrous. For example: a 48-inch, triple-tree percolated ked water pipe will be sold by Smokers Choice for under $300. This piece would normally run anywhere from $375-500 depending on the shop.

The items sold at Smokers Choice will be as diverse as they are affordable. They sell glass pipes along with nitrogen dioxide crackers for whippets, stink proof bags and false Pringle cans for those that still live in the dorms. Among their more intimidating products is a line of drinks called “Sippin’ Syrup,” an “herbal relaxer.” There are also Eric Cartman one-hitters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Gandalfs and pink elephants on parade where the combustible item is inserted in the elephant’s rear and inhaled through the trunk.

Ha Ha Hookah lounge will be completely full-service. Waitresses will be on hand to pack and light hookah for customers for just five dollars a person.

Every surface of the store is covered in stickers reminding customers of consequences of using the products. Also, security precautions are being taken. The store will check the IDs of every person who makes a purchase as well as those in their group.

Overall, the prices are beyond fair, the staffers are knowledgeable and the products seem to be top notch. Be sure to check out the Smokers Choice next to Wegmans and Ha Ha Hookah lounge this Halloween.