Under the Knife: IGC promotes greek unity, support

With rush coming to a close and Bid Day around the corner, there’s no better time to learn more about the organization that serves as the heart of Greek life on campus: the Inter-Greek Council. About 1,000 students are currently involved in roughly 30 different Greek organizations at Geneseo. The IGC ensures that despite all these factions, Greek life on campus remains cohesive and organized.

Senior Valerie Woedy described IGC as “the governing board for all Greek life.”

Within IGC, different members represent different facets of Greek life on campus so that both local and national sororities and fraternities can have their voice heard at meetings. IGC also has a recruitment chair and representative for the multicultural groups on campus, as well as a member devoted solely to campus involvement. During the first few weeks of the fall and spring semesters when recruitment efforts are strongest, the IGC assists all involved organizations in their efforts.

“When rush is going on [we] make sure things are running smoothly,” Woedy said. “We plan Round Robin, which is when all the sororities can go and meet people in Newton … what we do depends what time of the year it is,” Woedy said.

When bids are given out to potential members, the IGC will assist in making the bids and speak with residence hall staff to make sure organizations can deliver the bids and pick up new members.

This time of year is definitely busy for IGC, but even larger recruitment events happen in the spring, when more organizations are willing to take on new members.

In addition to planning events that involve exclusively Greek life, the IGC hosts and contributes to a variety of events that involve the entire campus.

“Every year we play a big role in Relay for Life because we have most of Greek life go,” Woedy added. “We usually help Colleges Against Cancer with the tailgate before.” One of their biggest events is Greek Week, which typically correlates with Relay for Life and unites all of the Greek organizations in a fundraising competition. Another one of their largest events is a block party on Wadsworth Street complete with a live band, which any organization or student can attend.

Woedy and other members of the IGC attempt to topple the harsh stereotypes Greeks face, especially regarding inclusivity and competition.

“My favorite part of rush season is just getting to know more girls,” Woedy said. “It’s not even to rush them into your own sorority but to inspire them to become Greek for all the aspects because there are different Greek organizations. There’s a medical fraternity on campus, a service fraternity, a co-ed one––there are a lot of different opportunities.”

In addition to welcoming new members, the organizations that compose IGC support each other through co-hosting and co-fundraising during many smaller events throughout the year. “We’re all united, and I think that’s just a good thing to have on campus,” Woedy said. We all learn from each other … it’s not as divided as people think.”