The IB to remain open as dance club

Following the loss of its liquor license, the Inn Between Tavern, commonly known as the IB, has faced a series of changes in its typical business model during the first two weeks of classes. Owner Thomas Basher explained that the bar’s license wasn’t seized by the State Liquor Authority, but rather the owners chose to surrender the license in August.

“By surrendering the license, we avoided a $30,000 fine and 45-day suspension. The location would also never be allowed to hold a liquor license and be over/under,” Basher said in an email interview.

While students and community members are surprised at this change, this is a situation Basher and his partner Frank Adonnino have experienced before, having lost their license in June 1990. The two reapplied for the license and reopened 10 months later in April 1991. 
    According to Basher, the two are not interested in having a liquor license again. They are opening the bar on Fridays and Saturdays from 12-2 a.m. as a dance club solely for Geneseo students. There will be a $3 cover charge to enter.

“We feel everyone can still come to the IB to have a good time.  Most people who showed up over the years did not need anymore alcohol,” Basher said. “They can still come to the bar, socialize, dance, grab a slice of pizza then go home and actually feel better on Saturday and Sunday morning. We have always prided ourselves on being a safe place to hang out. We intend to continue to provide a safe place for GSU students.”

Surrendering their liquor license has had noticeable effects on the IB’s business.

“Losing our liquor license obviously affected our business in a negative manner. I thought the other uptown bars would pick up business, but that has not proven to be the case in the last two weeks,” Basher said.

Even though business has slowed, Basher said that he and Adonnino have received support from the community, student body and alumni.

“Whatever happens going forward, it’s been a great ride over the past 39 years. We have had incredible people work for us and our patrons have been a joy––well, almost all our patrons,” Basher said. “It has been the staff and the patrons that have made the IB a legend.”

This is an update to The Lamron's previous story regarding changes at the IB titled IB patronage drops without liquor license.