Power-ranking Geneseo's varied takeout choices

Some of Geneseo’s mainstays are closing their doors this fall, and it’s getting hard to venture up to Main Street for a meal without remembering all the fun of semesters past. Just as students have transferred their Saturday night wanderings from the Inn Between Tavern to the Statesman on Court Street, it might be time to change your routine. In this case, that could mean visiting a restaurant you’ve always skipped; there’s no better way to recover from your break-up with the IB than to wallow in a plate of greasy food in your own room. Let this definitive ranking of Geneseo takeout be your guide.5. Uncle Vito's Uncle Vitos is Campus Auxiliary Services’ answer to off-campus takeout. While it’s nice that Vito’s delivers to residence halls and accepts meal plans for those who have them, it’s hard to deny that the pizza and chicken fingers fall short in the taste department. Vito's often gets overloaded with business, so don’t expect your food to arrive until at least an hour or two after you order. 4. Pizza Paul’s Paul’s is without a doubt Geneseo’s most creative takeout establishment with its subzones and ridiculous selection of Paul’s balls. Its pizza misses the mark when compared with other local establishments, but you can always rely on Paul’s for something interesting delivered straight to your home. 3. Main Moon Unless you’re prepared to venture to Wegmans, Main Moon is the only place on Main Street that can satisfy your orange chicken craving. It delivers both on and off campus and turnover times are relatively quick. While things can sometimes get a little too greasy, Main Moon is great at pleasing its niche. 2. Mama Mia’s Pizza and Pasta While most seem to prefer waiting in the sometimes-endless line at Mia’s for a slice of pizza or a garlic knot, the restaurant actually delivers on and off campus. Pizza can sometimes get a little boring, but Mia’s also has a huge selection of pastas and paninis that range from classic to fancy. University Hots U-Hots is the top contender purely for its college plates, the ultimate takeout food. There are few things more satisfying after a long day than a cheeseburger piled on top of mac salad and fries. Even if they’re a little pricey, college plates are at the pinnacle of greasy takeout feasts.