IB patronage drops without liquor license

Another semester of academics and social activities has begun at Geneseo, yet one distinct aspect of the community remains absent: popular bar and dance club, the Inn Between Tavern, commonly known as the IB.Located just below Main Street, the IB has been a hotspot for those under and over age 21––a space for those underage to mingle and those of age to enjoy a drink.

Late in August, however, the State Liquor Authority of New York seized the IB’s liquor license, fearing that underage patrons were gaining access to alcohol while within the club. Former IB bartender senior Jess Louis said these accusations are wrongly alleged. “I thought the security was done very well,” she said. “We were all trained to monitor and ensure that students underage were not being served at the bar. It was something all the bartenders took seriously because we knew the consequences.”

Owner Thomas Basher said the IB will remain open to as a Geneseo State University Dance Club, admitting only Geneseo students and prohibiting alcohol. Open on Aug. 22 and 23 during move-in weekend, it attracted far fewer attendees than the usual crowd and subsequently closed the following weekend. Basher said that they do plan on attempting to generate more of a crowd during the weeks to come. “The IB will reopen as a GSU dance club on either Sept. 12 or Sep. 13,” he said in an email, although he said he is unable to comment further at this time. Entrance to the new dance club will cost $5 for those both under and over 21. Louis said she hopes the IB will retain a similar atmosphere despite its new identity. “It was my favorite job,” she said. “I was devastated when I heard the bar had closed. It is the end of an era at Geneseo.”