Class of 2018 sees increase in male enrollment

9,305 students applied to Geneseo this year and 1,120 chose to begin their freshmen year here as members of the class of 2018.According to Director of Admissions Kristine Shay, both the application and enrollment numbers are consistent with past years. “This years' class is exceptional and I anticipate great successes in the classroom as well as in students' contributions to our community,” Shay said.

Academically, the class of 2018 is keeping with tradition. The mean SAT score falls between 1160 and 1320, the mean ACT score within the 26-29 range and the mean grade point average falling between 90 and 96. 77 percent of incoming freshmen were within the top 25 percent of their class, although Shay stressed that not all high schools rank students. According to Shay, the admissions staff uses a pooled review process in order to select the students who will make up the freshmen class each year, a process in which potential students’ academic standing plays an important role. “Academics are the priority in helping us determine who of the entire pool we should consider. Then, we look at co-curricular information to make final determinations,” she said.

The male-to-female ratio of the class of 2018 is a break from previous classes, with 53 percent male and 47 percent female. 51 percent of students are from downstate including the lower Hudson area and south, such as Long Island and New York City.

The most popular declared majors within the class of 2018 are biology and business. One of the largest groups of students, however, is those who have yet to declare their major. A major selling point contributing to the high number of applications each year is Geneseo’s relatively low tuition. “Why go to an expensive private college when you can get the same quality education at the most selective state college in the system?” Shay said. What may explain such similarities between the classes year after year is the idea that students chose Geneseo because they get the feeling that this is where they belong. “Students overwhelmingly tell us that they considered Geneseo because of our academic reputation. They ultimately chose us because of this as well as finding the ‘fit’ when they visited,” Shay said.

“Current students, they say, aren't competitive with one another but are collaborative and helpful. It's a rigorous academic environment, but one filled with warmth, compassion and amazing people.”