Spotlight on: Ally Salerno

An afficionado for expression and communication, sophomore Ally Salerno has found her element in Musical Theatre Club. After being turned down in a fall 2012 audition, Salerno bounced back and became an MTC New Kid in spring 2013. She’s remained an active member ever since.

Salerno attributes MTC to her growth as a performer and student at Geneseo.

From learning the ropes of MTC’s intensive choreography and musical numbers to becoming a confident director and leader within the organization, Salerno has already directed two MTC numbers and starred in multiple performances.

“Performing really is a great outlet to break out of your shell and not hold back and be adventurous to explore what you can do,” Salerno said.

After learning about an audition for a local Rochester television sitcom, Salerno decided to take a chance beyond the stage and behind the camera. “It was kind of last minute, but I thought, ‘Why the hell not,’” she said.

A callback later, Salerno learned the show was interested in using her as an extra in the near future.

“It was just a really cool experience to be out there. I love stage, but I’m really interested in television, especially with the internship,” Salerno said.

Far from being only a hobby, Salerno draws meaningful connections from theatre to her major in the journalism and media track in communication. She’s played an energetic and funny Mrs. Mayor in this semester’s main stage production of “Seussical,” a great contribution apparent in her communication skills.

With success in communication and performance already in sight, Salerno has also acquired an internship with NBC in New York City this summer, focusing on the behind the scenes aspects of television. It’s no question that MTC played a key role in developing confidence that got her this far.

With all these experiences secured, Salerno looks to combine all of them in the future.

“A goal I have at one point in my life is to be a part of some sort of media outlet that’s hopeful for young girls to look up to, promoting positive body image,” Salerno said. “I know myself and I know who I am. You have to remember to love yourself and love what you do.”