Proposed AC budget cuts to impact concert series

As of next semester, Geneseo will not only be cutting classes from the art department, but it is possible that funds for artistic activities will be cut as well. Both the concert and Limelight & Accents Performing Art Series, large programs through Geneseo Activities Commission, are fighting to keep their budgets for next year the same as years past. The Student Association budget review committee ultimately makes cuts for for all SA funded organizations, including programs that host the spring concerts and performing arts series. After presentations explaining where funds will be utilized from each segment of AC, the committee reviews and allocates future funds.

“We’re on good terms with [SA],” coordinator sophomore Sarah Dukler of Limelight & Accents said. “We always want to be on the same page.”

This past year, the total budget for AC was roughly $400,000. Presentations and discussions are being held to determine the finances for next year.

“We would do fewer shows depending on how much the budget is cut – if it is cut,” Dukler said. “We want to maintain the quality … but less money means a fewer amount of these shows.”

“As a dance minor myself, I find it so important to maintain the series,” L&A performing arts coordinator senior Megan Killea said. “It provides the opportunity for people majoring in the performing arts to see it live on their campus.”

Both Killea and Dukler stressed that the events AC hosts are important to the Geneseo community.

“Geneseo has always prided itself on being liberal arts and I think we’re losing a little bit of that,” Dukler said.

The potential loss of a liberal arts reputation can be seen academically as well, with the elimination of the studio art department but additional programs emerging within the science and math departments.

AC Concert Coordinator junior Juli Grygier finds the cuts to the art department disappointing.

“The general art department cuts don’t directly affect [AC] concerts, but I do think that it is unfortunate that they are being cut at the same time the concerts budgets are being cut so significantly,” she said in an email interview.

As of now, the concert budget has tentatively been cut from $85,000 to $50,000. Nothing, however, is finalized.

Not only would these AC cuts affect the student community but also the surrounding Livingston County community. Many residents take advantage of the hub of culture Geneseo provides, attending the college shows rather than commuting to Rochester for events.

“Limelight & Accents serves more than just the student body,” Killea said. “We are here to cater for both students and Livingston County residents. There is always a 90-year age gap at shows.”

With past donations from individuals like Interim President Carol Long, professor of dance Jonette Lancos and SA advisor Patty Hamilton-Rodgers, the Limelight & Accents committee hopes to see continued support for the program on campus.

“If these activities are important to the student community, they have to say something,” Dukler said. “If these programs are important to you, speak out. Address [SA]. Bring it up to the administrators. They need to know you care.”