Album Review: TV en Français

Every time quirky indie rockers We Are Scientists put out an album, you know you’re in for a different ride. As a whole, there are moments on the band’s newest album TV en Français that certainly stood out and impressed me, but the album overall doesn’t pop. Melodies often seem to go nowhere and some songs are out of place.

The album begins fairly well with “What You Do Best.” This is a pretty average track for me as opposed to my usual love for opening tracks. “Make It Easy,” however, is certainly a standout track on this record. The clean guitar sound and lighthearted vocals and harmonies make it a nice and easy listen – easily the best track on the first half of the record. The chorus is a little cluttered and too loud for my taste, but overall this is a strong track.

“Courage” is the next enjoyable track. The beginning guitar strumming sounds like the beginning to a doo-wop song, but this is a very sweet and heartfelt track despite the band’s comedic nature. It’s simple, but that’s what makes it stand out.

When it comes to We Are Scientists, I often look for the “less is more” mentality in their music. “Overreacting” is another one of my favorites on the album. There’s a great guitar sound that pervades the song as well as a trippy, fast-paced chorus.

Unfortunately, the rest of the album doesn’t fare as well, with the exception of “Don’t Blow It.” This song’s main standout qualities are the harmonies in its chorus, which I’ll admit is pretty infectious, but “Don’t Blow It” could have been so much more if the band hadn’t skimped on the verses.

Ultimately, this album is a case of trying too hard to be a We Are Scientists album. If the band had kept it simple and really focused on melody instead of on novelty, this album would probably receive a couple more stars from me.

Two songs I didn’t review on this album, “Dumb Luck” and “Return The Favor,” are actually really worth listening to, and I recommend you check them out.

TV en Français by the title alone should have tipped me off. By keeping things simple, this album could have succeeded in leaps and bounds. I prefer my TV in English, thanks.