Live Green Day engages students through demonstration

Live Green Day, an annual Geneseo event held by EcoHouse and Geneseo Environmental Organization, increases student awareness of how their daily lives influence the environment.

A number of organizations from both on and off campus held stations, including GEO, Campus Auxiliary Services, Oxfam, Geneseo Farmers Market and EcoHouse. Students had a chance to learn and discuss the small changes that can increase their sustainability and health.

President of EcoHouse sophomore Jason Phillips said, “It’s important to do the small things,” such as buying food from the local farmers market, using homemade cleaning supplies and possibly beginning a vegetarian or vegan diet.

This event helped students learn about not only these “small things” but also the resources on and around campus that can help incorporate these changes into your lifestyle.

“The intent is to teach students about local products and about what the campus is doing for sustainability,” area coordinator for EcoHouse and Wyoming Hall Elliot Zenilman said.

One interactive table taught students how to make cleaning products out of water and vinegar and allowed participants to take their finished product home for free. This method of cleaning is less wasteful, has no harmful chemicals and is actually cheaper than buying brand name products from the store.

Another table raised awareness for Swap & Drop Shop, a clothing exchange located in the basement of the EcoHouse. Through this program, students drop off clothes they no longer want and have the option pick up new clothes.

These events taught students that changing their lifestyle not only can better the environment but also their personal health in the process. By eating fewer chemically enhanced foods and using fewer harmful cleaning products, students decrease their exposure to cancer-causing substances.

By increasing awareness, those hosting the event are “try[ing] to have students look at their way of living from a new perspective,” Phillips said.

Senior Aaron Tomassini, assistant residence director of EcoHouse, said he hopes “just to bring awareness to the resources and opportunities we have on campus.”

The event featured speaker Kristin Skarie, who did not buy any new products for a full year. She discussed methods to decrease your carbon footprint through leadership and collaboration.

As Zenilman put it, “It’s important to be educated on what’s going on in the world.”