Career Development prepares for first job fair

Geneseo will host its first Professional Job and Internship Fair on March 6. The Department for Career Development has spent the early weeks of the spring 2014 semester seeking out businesses and organizations to attend. With more than 50 recruiters registered, it is expected to be the largest job fair of all the Rochester-area colleges, according to Associate Director for Internship Opportunities Rob DiCarlo, who is organizing the fair. His position is new – DiCarlo joined the Department of Career Development in June 2013 –said that he was excited to get started on this project as he felt it was absolutely necessary.

“I knew it was a need for our students. My position was created to help students find internships. There has never been a person in this role before,” he said. “I want to do something for those students who wanted internships for summer or fall, and also to do something for the graduating seniors.”

When DiCarlo started at Geneseo, he spent most of his time investigating the strength of Geneseo’s employer and alumni base.

“I started reaching out to people down in New York City, to our alumni base, as 60 percent of our students come from Long Island and [New York City],” he said. “I’m really starting to build up a nice collection of alumni that students can connect with for employment, internships and networking purposes.”

Getting in touch with alumni was one of DiCarlo’s first major priorities, but he has also been reaching out to local and national organizations and businesses. Roughly two-thirds of the companies are centered in Rochester. There will be businesses, nonprofit organizations and government agencies represented at the fair.

While Fortune 500 companies such as Disney and Constellations Brands will be in attendance, DiCarlo said that much of the opportunity lies elsewhere.

“That’s not where all the hiring is taking place. If you look at the hiring trends, most [job opportunities] are in smaller to mid-size companies. So we have a mix of organizations coming,” he said.

DiCarlo hopes that the fair will increase in size considerably in the coming years.

“I’d be really happy, with the way the job market is now, to hit 70 represented organizations, but if we exceed that, I’ve already talked to folks over in the athletic department, and they’d be more than happy to give up the gym for a day or two for students,” he said.

DiCarlo stressed that this fair is a serious and professional fair and not a “roll-out-of-bed” summer job fair.

“I’m trying to convey to students that it’s a professional job fair and that it’s competitive, and they should do everything they can to position themselves for success,” he said.

He reiterated that it is important for students to use the KnightJobs resource as a way to prepare for the fair.

“I’d encourage students to register on KnightJobs because that will force them to upload a résumé,” DiCarlo said.

While students could potentially show up and try to talk to all the employees, they would greatly increase their chances of making good impressions if they prepared.

“Registering on KnightJobs gives students access to the whole directory of employers and allows them to do some research ahead of time. It’ll help narrow the students’ focus, so they can make a good impression,” DiCarlo said.

The fair will take place from 1 to 4 p.m. on March 6 in the College Union Ballroom.