‘Round the Valley: Transit in Livingston County

There are 36.6 miles separating Geneseo from the nearest city. That wide expanse of space leaves room for all the things we love about the campus, like tall trees and sunset views over the valley. Without a car, however, those 36.6 miles seem to stretch on forever. Whether you’re looking to explore a new location or planning your trip home for spring break, don’t let Geneseo’s rural campus leave you feeling stranded. The community offers a huge variety of transportation options for students.

Livingston Area Transportation Service is a local company with a contract with Geneseo, providing the gray buses that are most visible on campus. Aside from their popular routes to Main Street, Wegmans, Wal-Mart, Livingston Lanes, Geneseo Theaters and other locations on Route 20A, the LATS buses also provide weekend transportation to Rochester. Friday, Saturday and Sunday stops include Marketplace and Eastview Malls, the Amtrack Station and Rochester International Airport.

According to inspector Joseph Van Remmen of the parking and transportation department, bus schedules can’t be altered in the midst of a school year to avoid breaking routine routes. Geneseo collaborates with LATS, however, to create a schedule that will be most functional for students. They include seasonal stops, like fall trips to Letchworth State Park and the Rochester Public Market and incorporated a route to Main Street in Mount Morris in fall 2011.

LATS also offers a service called Dial-A-Ride allowing people to call 24 hours in advance to arrange a ride within or between Avon, Dansville and Mt. Morris for only a few dollars on business days. A schedule is available on the LATS website.

While LATS buses provide basic transportation for activities and errands in and around Geneseo, options for traveling to Rochester to catch a plane or train home for breaks or a weekend stay may seem limited.

While Student Association provides shuttles free of charge for students around break times, there are also two daily buses that stop in Geneseo that travel to the Rochester bus station and downstate. At 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. every day, Adirondack Trailways buses pick up students on Main Street in front of Joe’s Comics. Tickets for those buses are for sale at Joe’s Comics. If you simply cannot take a bus, the parking and transportation services department offers a long list of taxi services on its website.

For more freedom in your travels, Campus Auxiliary Services also offers Hertz 24/7 service, allowing students to rent one of two campus vehicles by the hour for $8 an hour or $62 per day.

Information about transportation options for students and traveling during school breaks is available at Geneseo’s transportation services website and the concierge desk on the basement level of the MacVittie College Union.u