AGSL forecasts eclectic style, sensibility

Between the “polar vortex” blustering through the area and the dangerously slippery hills of Geneseo, balancing fashionable and functional can be difficult. And sometimes in this weather, no matter how chic your layers, it can be difficult to avoid feeling like a shuffling toddler bundled up to go sledding. So this week, Knights’ Life paired up with seniors Awa Gaye and Stephon Lawrence, the geniuses behind the Geneseo fashion blog AGSL, to provide a little outfit inspiration for those extra cold days.

Whatever your style, Gaye and Lawrence emphasize that layering is essential for maneuvering back and forth from indoor to outdoor temperatures.

“Sometimes I wear a leather jacket under my jacket,” Gaye said. “Or even a blazer – I’m always layering on jackets.”

Also, just because it’s dark and gloomy outside doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to be colorless too. Lawrence advises that even in the winter, brighter is better.

“Neons and florals are really in this winter,” Lawrence said. “I feel like people are afraid of color in the winter for some reason, but they really shouldn’t be. I’ve been seeing it a lot lately.”

Also, Gaye suggests repurposing your spring and summer wardrobe as an instant way to add some nice color back into your apparel.

“I love using spring dresses as tops, just layer a midi skirt over the dress and it’s perfect – [plus] it’s warm,” she said.

Additionally, pairing your dresses with turtlenecks, sweaters and tights are all great ways to keep warm and look fashionable during the winter months.

As for accessories for both men and women, Gaye and Lawrence agree: Get good shoes!

Gaye suggests tall riding boots, ankle boots with block heels or over-the-knee boots to keep your toes warm and dry this winter.

For going out on exceptionally cold nights, Gaye said to remember that there’s nothing wrong with wearing pants.

“Most girls think that going out means skirts – short skirts,” she said. “But wearing great trousers or pants to the bar is fine. Even a sweater is okay. You’ll still look great, and you won’t be cold.”

Though your nightlife apparel can be adapted to the snowy weather, Gaye and Lawrence said high heels in the snow might be pushing it.

Zoe Finn/Photo Editor and courtesy of Awa Gayew

Zoe Finn/Photo Editor and courtesy of Awa Gayew

“Stilettos are a lot of work when it isn’t snowing outside,” Lawrence said. “Why would you even take the chance?”

Lawrence added that, whenever it comes to fashion, dressing the way you want to dress is always best.

One thing both Gaye and Lawrence say to definitely avoid? Shorts. Shorts in the dead of winter is a not only a fashion faux pas, but it’s impractical – and dangerous.

“Sometimes safety is more important than fashion,” Lawrence said.

And while it is possible to be chic and warm, super low temperatures can be a health hazard. So please, put some pants on, and accept that you go to school in Western New York. Don’t worry; it’ll be spring soon enough.