Musical Theatre Club revisits classic 90s gameshow with "Legends of the Hidden Tempo"

Musical Theatre Club revives a popular ‘90s kids game show for its fall review, “Legends of the Hidden Tempo” in hopes of stirring nostalgia throughout campus and to uncover the legend of the Alice Austin Theatre. For those unfamiliar with MTC, the group “takes a bunch of songs from different musicals and fits them into the show,” in most cases changing the lyrics, according to MTC President senior Erin Girard.

The colorful piano playing of sophomore Louis Marzella and seniors Benjamin Bergstrom and Philip Romano provide musical input for the performance, along with Bergstrom on synthesizer and junior Dan Mueller on percussion.

Although previous shows have been known to be “family friendly,” this show is noticeably “more edgy and geared toward us college students,” secretary junior Valerie Marchesi said. To say the least, the musical numbers are not all PG-rated.

Marchesi added that the group is extremely proud of the cohesiveness of the show’s individual elements like theme, lyrical adaptations and dance numbers.

“I’m excited because this is the best job we’ve done bringing everything together,” she said.

MTC decided to revive the often-discussed “Legends of the Hidden Tempo” theme last semester when members gathered to discuss the fall semester’s show.

This semester boasts a prominent storyline in comparison to previous performances, according to Girard. The audience can look forward to fun and hilarious references to treasured ‘90s memories throughout the show.

The performance continues MTC’s traditional inter-song transitions like familiar sound bites and short skits in between chair-rattling numbers.

“Legends of the Hidden Tempo” incorporates a game show-style presentation by bringing audience members on stage in a certain skit to compete in humorous and engaging games.

The winner of this contest can expect a lifetime supply of “Hairpoo,” an imaginary MTC-endorsed product that has a musical number all its own.

The musical numbers are filled with incredible choreography and beautiful voices, exploring the lives of college students, making the audience laugh and testing MTC’s creative ability to connect with the audience.

MTC: Legends of the Hidden Tempo shows at 8 p.m., with free tickets available outside the Alice Austin Theatre at 6:15 p.m. the day of each show. The performances run Thursday Nov. 14 to Saturday Nov. 16.