Out of Bounds: Defending the Chiefs bandwagon

Guys, the Kansas City Chiefs are still undefeated. We’re approaching the ninth week of the NFL season and yet, somehow, Kansas City’s still not getting the attention it deserves.

I get it, though. I’m probably the lone Chiefs fan in Geneseo, maybe even Western New York. I’m probably even the only person in the region who cares about the Midwest team’s success. Because really, why would any New Yorker cheer on the Chiefs?

Before you judge my taste in sports teams, let me explain; I didn’t have a choice. I spent last summer in Kansas City writing about sports for a newspaper. It made me a devoted Kansas City fan – Chiefs, Royals, Sporting KC, you name it.

Whether you understand or agree with my allegiance to the Chiefs doesn’t matter. Just understand how amazing this season is.

Jets fans, you can relate, as you’re loyal to a team that’s not so used to winning ways. Imagine if the Gang Green was graced with this kind of start. I bet you would jump up and down with joy, too, like I do with each win.

So, let me have this moment – er, column.

Week after week, the Chiefs have managed to defeat everyone they’ve faced: the Jaguars, Cowboys, Eagles, Giants, Titans, Raiders, Texans and Browns. No, those teams aren’t the best within the NFL, but Kansas City still routed stronger teams, including the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans.

This isn’t an early-season streak anymore. The regular season is already halfway over, and Kansas City has proven to be a true contender within the NFL.

No longer are the Chiefs the No. 1 pick that only won two games in the 2012-2013 season. These Chiefs could even take the Lombardi Trophy. Alright, I may be getting ahead of myself, but wouldn’t you?

The coaches should receive the bulk of the credit for the remarkable turnaround from the Chiefs’ previous 2-14 season.

At this point last year, the Chiefs were becoming a “civic embarrassment” as Sam Mellinger, columnist for The Kansas City Star, said. Season-ticket holders no longer felt the same pride and prestige for their team, and even the coaches began to fight and shove each other during practice, Mellinger found. The Chiefs weren’t in a good place to say the least.

And then came Andy Reid.

His hiring was full of doubts. He was fired after a 14-year career in Philadelphia. The 55-year-old is certainly considered a veteran, the fifth in the league, but as former NFL general manager and NFL Network analyst Charley Casserly expressed to The Kansas City Star’s Randy Covitz, what about Reid’s motivations?

“The key when you hire a coach like Andy Reid, is does he still have the fire in the belly?” Casserly said. “Does he still have that burning desire to win, or is he looking for another payday? Does he have something to prove?”

Through the eight weeks, Reid has proven something, though. The lone 8-0 record says enough. The triumphant start means everything because even if the Chiefs are winless in the second half of the season, it won’t define their season. The undefeated record doesn’t just go away.

The Chiefs have made a name for themselves for the rest of the season. Soon you’ll see, New York fans. KC takes on the Buffalo Bills at 1 p.m. Sunday Nov. 3 at Ralph Wilson Stadium, and like every team, they’ll want to be the one to squash the Chiefs’ record.

The Chiefs success … It’s now a problem for New York.

I may be the lone Kansas City fan, but at least, come Sunday, it’ll be nice to be on the other side. That is, the winning side.