Knight in the Life: Limelight & Accents Coordinators orchestrate campus performing arts series

For 40 years, student coordinators have welcomed performers of all mediums to the Limelight & Accents Performing Arts Series. Sophomore Alix Seskin and senior Megan Killea manage this year's performing arts series in its entirety and received help from a third coordinator currently studying abroad sophomore Sarah Dukler. Their positions are a part of the Student Association programming board Activities Commission.

The coordinators have the responsibility of bringing talent to campus while managing a $114,750 budget that Limelight & Accents receives for shows from the Student Association. Killea described the process of dividing the budget into six shows as “a puzzle.”

They deal with every aspect of organizing a performance, from contacting artists' agents and managers to arranging transportation to ordering “special burritos” for comedians like Judah Friedlander, who will perform in Kuhl Gymnasium during Parents Weekend.

Both Killea and Seskin have experience in the performing arts - Killea, a member of Musical Theatre Club and Geneseo Dance Ensemble and a former teacher at Valley School of Dance, while Seskin is musician of all sorts, playing violin, trumpet, clarinet and bass clarinet. Both share an aspiration to pursue arts event planning careers in a similar capacity to their Limelight & Accents positions.

Activities Commission holds elections for the two Limelight & Accents coordinator positions each fall, so that newly elected coordinators can shadow their predecessors for a semester. They also take this time to plan the next year's season. Although anyone can run for the position, students must show interest and go through the selective application and interview process that Killea and Seskin will help moderate.

Seskin said she wants the students to know her desire to “cater to them” and plan events that meet their interests.

With shows like the recent performance by electric violinist SVET and upcoming performances by Frielander and Giordano Dance Chicago, the coordinators said they work to bring meaningful cultural events to Geneseo's upstate, rural college atmosphere.

“[It's] nice to see people take advantage of the culture that we bring,” Killea said.

According to Seskin, this year's coordinators are attempting to “break out of the Limelight & Accents mold by bringing in less traditional” forms of entertainment.

Friedlander will be the next Limelight & Accents performer at 8 p.m. on Oct. 26 in Kuhl Gymnasium. Tickets are $15 for students, $25 for families and $30 for general admission  and are available at the Student Association Ticket Office.