Incidental Amusements

When I first applied to Geneseo, everyone who thought they knew a thing or two about Geneseo always commented about one thing: the weather. They told me, “Get ready for the cold,” and “You’ll see a lot of snow.” People even warned me about how I would barely see spring-like weather until I left for summer. These so called “Geneseo experts” neglected to warn me about the weather mood swings that I would encounter in the next few years! A warning would’ve been nice for my wardrobe, especially in regard to what to bring at the beginning of the semester. When I first packed for Geneseo, I made sure to have all of my cozy sweaters and my oh-so-warm and fashionable Ugg boots ready to go for September, leaving behind my denim shorts and overworn flip flops. But during my first year, I learned that Geneseo actually experiences summer until late September, so I continued to bring more shorts and less warmth.

That plan screwed me over this semester when it was cold during the second week of classes, and I only had one hoodie to spare; as a busy college junior navigating academics and cocurricular activities, I spent many days chilled as I walked through the valley because I didn’t have time to do my laundry. Do I blame my lack of time management or my inability to realize when I have too much going on? Absolutely not. I blame my so-called “friends” who told me about the weather in the first place.

While on the topic of clothing, I’d also like to point out how I was not told in advance about the weather changes within the same day. When I wake up in the morning, I always make sure to consult my all-knowing iPhone 4 for the day’s weather. If I see it’s going to be 54 degrees, I’m automatically going to throw on a pair of jeans or sweatpants and a sweatshirt. As I go through the day, the temperature goes up 20 degrees or so; this leaves me to sweat all the calories I consumed the day before.

Another thing I would’ve liked to know is how the weather would affect my academics. No one ever told me – until I got here, of course – how hot Welles Hall gets when it’s hot out or when the heat is turned on. You’ll find yourself sitting in the middle of a political science lecture or a literature discussion, and all of a sudden you’re overcome with so much sweat and heat that you can no longer focus on the class. How am I supposed to pass when all I can think about is getting out of that sauna?

As I lament over my qualms of the rollercoaster that is the Geneseo weather, I wonder why I chose this school in the first place. Had anyone warned me about the weather, I might’ve considered another school where all four season are present 25 percent of the year. But I guess it’s too late to transfer now, so instead I will remain angry at all those fools who had no clue about the Geneseo weather.