Students sign up for an eventful year at Student Organization Expo

Finding your niche may be hard at first, but events  like the Student Organization Expo allow students the opportunity to  become more involved on campus. The Student Organization Expo, held Wednesday Sept.  11 from 2 to 4 p.m., expanded from the College Union Ballroom to the  lobby and even the third floor. One hundred ninety-six organizations  were represented, and each had something to offer.

Students walked through the Union talking to many  different organizations and signed up for what interested them the most.  According to Assistant Director for the Department of Student Life Lauren  Dougherty, the expo is not only a way for students to become more connected,  but it is also for the organizations to get their names out there.

“Each organization has something important to bring  to Geneseo, and each organization wants to be known by the Geneseo student  community,” she said.  “[It's] one-stop shopping to come see what  we have and get involved on campus.”

In addition to the tabling at the expo, some  of the participating organizations also performed. There were 13 performances  by 13 student groups throughout the two hours, from dancers to the chess  club to juggling and even rugby.

“Performing and nonperforming clubs have  the opportunity to get on stage and promote their organization[s],”  Coordinator of Student Programs and Activities Tiffany Brodner said.  “It keeps it exciting while the rush of people moving around the tables  and getting their information; it gives them a different experience  within the experience.”

This expo has expanded over the years and has had  more positive feedback by the students. According to Dougherty, the  event has increased in size over the years, in large part because of  student interest.

“Because it's gotten so big, it can be a little  overwhelming for students because it can be hard to move around, to  navigate,” she said. “Unfortunately we have run out of space; we  will have to start getting creative on how to fit all these organizations  into the Union.”

The popular event is held twice a year, at the beginning  of the fall and spring semesters.