Off the Mark: Baseball and Chewbacca, Squirrels and football

On Saturday May 4, minor league baseball’s Toledo Mud Hens will be wearing what are being described as “Chewbacca jerseys” in honor of Star Wars weekend. The jerseys will feature a textured pattern that attempts to emulate Chewbacca’s fur. While the verdict is still out on whether the jerseys will be epic or revolting, they are probably going to be better received than the Norfolk Tides Schindler’s List jerseys.

Auburn University’s junior running back Tre Mason has a new technique to help gain speed in the off-season: Mason chases squirrels while attempting to catch them. Apparently he is getting pretty good because on Monday April 29, Mason posted a photo of himself on Instagram holding a squirrel that he wrangled. Mason later tweeted that he will miss his senior season due to rabies.