Main Street welcomes new businesses

Main Street will be undergoing changes within the next few months as two new businesses – The Clothes Horse and Mangiare – join the lineup.

Owner and operator of The Clothes Horse, Georgia Walther, is moving her storefront, which is currently located at 9 Center St., to 99 Main St. Her future location is currently undergoing renovations, but will be open for business on July 1.

The Clothes Horse carries men’s and women’s sportswear and offers tuxedo rentals and alterations done on location.

This will not be Walther’s first time on Main Street, as the Clothes Horse was originally located in ENVY Salon and Spa’s current space for its first 17 years of existence.

“The building goes back to 1920,” Walther said. “It’s the oldest building on Main Street.”

According to Walther, Mark and Kristen Scovilles, who own the new building, are planning on restoring the building to its original appeal.

While Walther said she is excited about the design of the building, she said the new location holds promising prospects.

“The location is perfect because it is directly across from my old store. And it is next to the restaurants, and the flower shop and the funeral home [which] are frequented by everybody,” Walther said. “That section of Main Street is very busy on both sides.”

Walther said she also understands there may be some challenges that come with the move. According to Walther, the larger windows at the new location allow for more sun to get in, potentially causing clothes to fade, so window displays will have to be changed more frequently.

Walther said that parking is another issue for businesses on Main Street.

She said she is still excited about the relocation and is already sewing her own rugs to use as decorations against the hardwood floor.

“Being on Center Street, I’ve had a lot more alterations from students, so I’ve been happy here,” Walther said. “But I’m excited for the move and to be happier over there.”

The second new business is Mangiare, which according to its official Facebook page is a traditional American and Italian restaurant. It plans on offering lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks. There will be a takeout service, catering service and a seated waiter dining service.

The building is still undergoing renovations, so Mangiare is not currently open. There is currently no known date that it will open for business.