Letter of the Editor: Geneseo community stands by sexual assault awareness

Present efforts to raise awareness about sexual assault at SUNY Geneseo were recently challenged in a public forum on our campus. We look forward to further public discussion of the facts and issues surrounding sexual assault. Meanwhile, we wish to assure the SUNY Geneseo community of three things: First, we are convinced that sexual assault is a serious problem on our campus, as it is on other campuses and in our culture generally. Second, we fully support the efforts of faculty, professional staff, administration, and students at SUNY Geneseo to educate men and women in our community about the seriousness of this problem and ways to address it. Third, we unequivocally support those who have been victimized by sexual assault. From our conversations with colleagues and students in the last few days, we know that many others share our perspective. We encourage all who do to raise their voices in support of sexual assault awareness at every opportunity, in whatever way they find appropriate — and to do so with conviction, clarity, and civility. If you haven’t already signed this letter, you may do so by going to http://go.geneseo.edu/supportsaa.