Food Network’s “Food Dude” caters dietary advice to students

On Tuesday April 23, Kevin Roberts, otherwise known as the “food dude,” gave a presentation titled, “How to Survive College by Staying Healthy,” in Onondaga Hall.

During his educational career, Roberts studied health, nutrition and kinesiology. He focused his knowledge on nutrition in college dining, and came to Geneseo to educate students, especially freshmen, on how to eat healthy in a college dining hall environment.

Roberts was a top-10 finalist on “The Next Food Network Star.” He has also authored two cookbooks: Munchies and Kissing in the Kitchen. Roberts guest starred on many TV shows, such as “The Today Show” and “The Early Show.” He is employed as the consultant chef at Yankee Stadium.

Roberts said his food mantra is “cheap, simple, tasty and healthy.”

He emphasized “five things to avoid like the plague” in order to prevent gaining the freshman 15. According to Roberts, students need to stay away from soda, sugar, deep-fried foods, French fries and table salt.

Roberts demonstrated how to make quick and simple snacks, such as grapefruit with cinnamon and honey, guacamole, breakfast sandwiches and more.

Roberts passed out everything he made to the students. He also presented other giveaways, including sauces such as Frank’s Red Hot and an “I hate mayonnaise” T-shirt.

Roberts also encouraged some healthy fun with contests. One student faced the cinnamon challenge. Several others participated in a contest to see who could drink a bottle of hot sauce the fastest.

Throughout the event sponsored by Activities Commission Contemporary Forum, Student Association, the Center for Community and Campus Auxiliary Services, Roberts educated students on healthy eating. He taught attendees how to adapt to eating healthy in the college lifestyle and also gave students tips that had to do with things such as grocery shopping, cooking and food selection.