Orchesis creates inclusive atmosphere for dancers with ranging skill levels, styles

Dancers from Geneseo’s dance troupe Orchesis entered the spotlight to present the club’s spring showcase, “Beyond the Studio Mirror.”

Friends and family members filled the Alice Austin Theatre from March 27-29, to watch the dancers display various dance styles ranging from cultural dance to jazz and hip-hop.  

The show, despite experiencing minor technical sound difficulties in the beginning, proceeded to a smooth and phenomenal start with sophomore Michelle Graham’s “Beyoncé Remix” - which included “Run the World [Girls]” and “Countdown.” From the sizzling red backdrop to the electrifying military-esque dance style, Graham’s choreography was easily a crowd favorite.

Other standout performances included hip-hop number “Cooler Than Me” by senior Zahra Kamilla - which incorporated impressive tutting moves and group synchronization - and the upbeat contemporary piece “La Love,” choreographed and performed by the eboard officers of Orchesis.

Clubs such as the Ballroom Dance Club, Geneseo Knightline and Geneseo Bhangra made appearances in the showcase.

“It’s more of an honor for us because we know we’re not really a part of the club, but [Orchesis] has us back each semester. We really respect that they respect us,” Bhangra captain senior Iris Huang said.

One of the most dynamic aspects of Orchesis as a club is that anyone of any dance level and genre can join and choreograph for the show. 

“Orchesis really has a collective feel to it because everyone’s coming from a different major or a different part of campus, so it really brings us all together,” senior Rebeccah Andrew said. Andrew choreographed the emotionally compelling contemporary piece “Go Your Own Way” with her sister, junior Emma Andrew.

Orchesis is the campus’ largest student-run organization, which enables dancers to contribute diverse dance backgrounds and a strong and energetic presence.

“[Stage presence] is so important, it helps get the crowd involved and gets them to pay attention,” Orchesis President junior Cassandra Saroli said.

An enthusiastic atmosphere served to benefit both the performers and the show itself. Performances that embodied this enthusiasm included the tap number “Swing With Me,” hip-hop performance “Freeze” and Saroli’s “Hall and Oates Mix” which she co-choreographed with fellow eboard member sophomore Emily Bressner.

The show ended with an ode to the graduating seniors in the fun and laidback dance “Scream and Shout,” choreographed by the Orchesis eboard.