Off the Mark: Weasels in Switzerland and Choking in the Philippines

A Swiss soccer match between FC Thun and FC Zürich was stopped not once, but three times on Sunday March 10 when a marten ran onto the pitch. The marten, which is in the same family as weasels, bit Zürich’s Loris Benito on the finger before it was eventually detained. While the word is still out on Benito’s health, the fans were charged extra for actually witnessing something entertaining during a Swiss soccer match.

Former NBA first-round pick Renaldo Balkman has been banned for life from the Philippine Basketball Association after choking a teammate in the fourth quarter of a game last week. Balkman, who was drafted by the New York Knicks in 2006, left the NBA for the PBA after getting cut by the Knicks in February 2012. Though Balkman’s future is in question, I have a hard time believing he will get a chance anywhere else now that he has a reputation of choking in the fourth quarter.