Vice President - Katie Becker '14

What role do you feel this position plays in serving Geneseo students and the community?

“The position is pretty crucial in the College Senate especially. It’s the SA VP with the student senators that really represent the students in that forum. Besides that, the position is all about supporting the president and the other executive board members. Of course, all those board members represent other organizations on campus. It’s directly representative within college senate and indirectly representative through other organizations.”    What do you feel qualifies you for this position?

“I’ve been on the College Senate since I was a sophomore, so I have experience in that body. Also, I think generally I am a really hardworking person and if my name is on something I am going to give it 100 percent. I’m also a pretty social person. I’m hoping that I get to talk with different people if I get the position.”     If elected, what do you hope to change or improve?

“I want to continue to develop a few policies that [SA Vice President] Justin Shapiro already has going right now. For me, the [Student Opinion of Faculty Instruction is] a big issue personally. That is where the student body gets its say within the teaching arena. Right now they don’t really serve as a good measure of anything. They aren’t really taken seriously. We need to find a way to make SOFIs count because they play a huge role. Other than that, I know medical amnesty has been a big issue. In the short term, the student activity fee referendum is coming up. I want to continue that and have people get out and vote. The organizations need some love and funding.”