Director of Student Programming - Jenny Keller '14

What role do you feel this position plays in serving Geneseo students and the community?

“Basically, the objective of this position is to serve as a liaison between SA and Activities Commission. During SA meetings, I’ll be relaying all the program information, time, locations of the events that students get to enjoy for free. I’ll also have a say on financial decisions for the benefit of the students.”What do you feel qualifies you for this position?

“I’ve had the distinct opportunity of experiencing two different programming experiences within AC, including Mac’s Place and concerts. I work with the largest budget on the programming board now, and I’ve been on the board since I was a freshman. I am the underwriter for the radio station, the event manager of the guitar club and Amnesty International. I have a very broad and diverse experience with programming.” If elected, what would you like to change or improve?

“One thing I’d like to improve is higher attendance at AC events, as well as overall awareness of what each programmer does and what they do to entertain students. They give them the opportunity to attend events that would have taken away from their college experience if it wasn’t there. I’ll be allotted time during SA meetings to give updates, so that is an obvious example. Working on an individual basis with programmers too will help them. I plan on meeting with them individually to see what their goals are and how they can get the word out … about their events. I can also continue to collaborate with other student organizations … like [Geneseo Late Knight].”