Director of Student Programming - Alexander Clark '14

What role do you feel this position plays in serving Geneseo students and community?

“One of the main functions of SA director of student programming is they run Activities Commission; they are the chair of the Activities Commission. So, they run the meetings, make sure everyone is doing their job, and the Activities Commission programs the really fun activities on campus that students enjoy. I am personally the KINO coordinator this year. So I show movies on campus, but there are more things done on campus done by the Activities Commission like concerts. There is also contemporary forum, which brings in speakers and there’s arts and exhibits – there are a lot of positions. How SA director of student programming helps campus mainly I think is not only serving on SA [executive board] which is also very important, but also through leading Activities Commission by putting on quality events on campus.”What do you feel qualifies you for this position?

“I’ve been on Activities Commission since my freshman year. I have experience from that and I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. I’ve seen good programmers, bad programmers, that kind of thing. I know what needs to be done for events to go smoothly. Also, I’m really passionate about Activities Commission, it is my favorite; I love it. Some of my favorite memories from Geneseo have been from Activities Commission – it’s a great experience and I really like it so that’s why I’m running. I think I’ll do a good job because I have the passion and experience to make it work.” If elected, what do you plan to change or improve?

“There is not really me changing but we just ratified a new constitution that institutes a new membership. It is called ‘general membership’ and it falls below the executive board and programming board, so that wasn’t really my change, but what I want to do is ensure that the first year of having general membership will set a good example for the next years. I want it to be something that is actually really important and does a really good job. If the first year that happens, then other years will follow, hopefully. That’s kind of a change, even though I did not implement that I want to make sure it continues. I want to improve … Activities Commission branding. A lot of people don’t know what Activities Commission is on campus and that’s a problem. We do a lot of things and we have a lot of money in our budget that comes from mandatory student activity fees that the students have available for them to go to these events and they just need to know about them. So that’s one thing I want to improve … branding and publicity for Activities Commission.”