Director of Student Affairs - Bruno Villazhinay '14

What role do you feel the position plays in serving the Geneseo students and community?

“The director of Student Affairs deals with the [Alliance for Community Enrichment] clubs and basically all the cultural clubs. I feel like the cultural clubs enhance the well-being of the student body by exposing us to other cultures and ideas. Within SA I think different ideas and I think that’s what the ACE clubs do as well. They do different things such as the intercultural dinners and plan different events. I’ll be with the ACE students talking to them and helping them out with the clubs and getting ideas from them and bringing those ideas to the SA board; just having different ranges of ideas from different clubs.”What do you feel qualifies you for this position?

“I’ve been very involved with most of the cultural clubs, been on the eboard for Pride [Alliance], and I’ve been working closely with [Latino Student Association] and [Black Student Union]. I’ve been to a lot of intercultural dinners as well. I have different positions in other groups as well. I’m the vice president for EcoHouse hall council and I’m a member of Alpha Phi Omega and that’s given me a lot of leadership skills, social skills and different assets that will allow me to do well in this position if I get it. Other things are that I’ve been working on my own projects with Pride and advocacy and LSA. For example, we’re bringing a speaker this Thursday from New York City. He’ll be talking about stereotypes in the LSA and the LGBT community. Those are some of the things I’ve been doing.”If elected, what do you plan to change or improve?

“One of the things I really want to see on campus is more diversity and for campus to be diverse friendly. One of the ways I want to do that is by making the anti-bullying campaign that Pride has brought bigger by including the minority and diverse clubs, the ACE clubs basically; working with LSA, BSU, Shakti, [Geneseo Chinese Culture Club], [Japanese Culture Club], and all the other cultural clubs as well so that we can all work together and make our campus more diverse friendly. That is one of my ideas that I really want to do.”