Director of Public Relations - Riley Burchell '14

What role do you feel this position plays in serving Geneseo students and the community?

“I really feel like this position of [public relations] is the middleman between SA exec and higher-ups in the SUNY system and the students. The role of PR is to basically interact with the students, get a feel of the direction they feel the school needs to be going in, and to implement that, whether that be through advertising or the programs that we bring here.”    What do you feel qualifies you for this position?

“I have had graphic layout and photography internships and positions with the City of Rochester as well as the Associated Press. I have been published nationally. I also work in college communications as a photographer with Keith Walters and Brian Bennett. I serve as communications director on the Academic Affairs SA subcommittee.”     If elected, what do you plan to change or improve?

“I plan to change how advertising is done in the school. I think that, while we’ve made a shift towards more virtual, paperless advertising, what we’re really missing is input from the students. Paperless advertising is great, but if you’re not communicating with the students and really catering to the specific student body in regards to what method would be most effective in getting SA’s message across, then you’re not really making any huge jumps forward. So I think a lot of it is integration of student opinion.”