Director of Inter-Residence Affairs - Olivia Kelly '14

What role do you feel this position plays in serving Geneseo students and the community?

“I think that IRC, Inter-Residence Council, really builds leaders for Geneseo. A lot of members of IRC go on to be members of SA and other things, other than just directors. For example, Carly Annable, the current president, was a member of IRC and Nick Spengler, he was president last year and he, too, was on IRC originally. I think it’s really important because it really does develop leadership for students, and I think it’s a really good use of SA funds. If you look at their budget, when you consider how many people are using IRC funds just for hall council events and how many people are attending these hall council events, it really is an amazing use of money, and that’s pretty cool.”What do you feel qualifies for this position?

“I was a general assembly member of IRC last fall, and last spring, 2012, I was elected treasurer, so I’m really familiar with IRC budget and how all the funds work, and how each executive member’s budget will work and what they do with that money. I’m also currently on the SA budget review so I think I’ve looked at all the different clubs and standing committees and everyone’s budgets, so I think I understand how they work pretty well, and if anyone were to come to SA office and they have any questions, or if they were confused about anything, I have a pretty strong understanding of how to do that. Also I’ve attended NEACURH conferences, which is the North East Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls. I’ve attended two of those conferences and we hosted one of those conferences here just last fall and I was the financier. So I got a lot of leadership and organizational skills from doing that.” If elected, what do you plan to change or improve?

“If elected, I really want to carry on what Silvia Roma’s doing—she’s the current director of inter-residence affairs. She makes IRC fun and enjoyable for the general assembly members by making theme weeks and it really helps keep people invested in going and wanting to go. And at the same time it’s very professional. They follow Robert’s Rules of Order, which helps Silvia keep order in meetings; there’s no side chatter during the meetings, and that’s something I’d really like to continue. There’s really not too much that I’d like to change, I’d just like to try and find a way to promote more discussion in IRC and I know that’s something [Roma] has been working on and I’ve actually talked to her about it. It’s just really difficult to do, but I really want to figure out how to do that.”