Director of Inter-Residence Affairs - Marie Dempsey '14

What service does your position provide to the campus and community?

“I would not only serve on the SA Executive Board but I would also serve as chair of the Inter-Residence Council. As chair, I would run meetings in which all of the different residence halls come to voice their opinion. Through IRC, we give funding to all the different halls to put on programs and promote well-being in the residence hall communities.”    What do you feel qualifies you for this position?

“I have served on the executive board last year as secretary and this year as the national communications coordinator. Through these positions, I gained a lot of experience in programming as well as leading delegations to conferences that promote well-being in residence halls.”    If elected, what do you hope to change or improve?

“I would like to promote IRC more and have more involvement outside of just the representatives that have to come there. I would like to have town hall-style meetings to talk about different issues that students have so I can bring that back to the SA board.”