Director of Business Affairs - Robert Terreri '14

What role do you feel the position plays in serving the Geneseo students and community?

“I think the role of director of business affairs fundamentally is to be a resource for all the different clubs and organizations on campus; assisting them in receiving funding for all their conferences, events and help them navigate through financial policy.”What do you feel qualifies you for this position?

“For the last three years I’ve been working within Student Association. My freshman spring semester to sophomore year fall semester I was the chair of the election committee. During my sophomore year I worked within the Academic Affairs Committee as a representative and this year I’ve been working as treasurer of [AAC.] And during that time I have been working with the Quidditch team in helping them receive funding from the school being officially recognized. So I’m pretty familiar with how financial policy works throughout all those different roles I’ve had, especially working through [AAC] in the last year. I’m also on the budget review hearing committee this semester.”If elected, what do you plan to change or improve?

“One of the big things I want to improve is ease of access for clubs and organizations. Looking at the SA website, financial policy is extremely difficult to work through, not to mention some of the bylaws are old and outdated which definitely need to be updated. An example of that would be under the vice president’s position there is a $1,000 drawing fund for club sports. However, if you go on the SA website there is no mention of that drawing fund even existing. Unless you went to the SA office and started asking a lot of people about it you wouldn’t know it was there. So I think just insuring that more financial information is available to students and organizations on the SA website. Since almost every student pays a mandatory student activity fee I think that every budget that SA has for each organization should be available for students to read online. It doesn’t have to be extremely detailed. It just needs to show what each club is getting and what that money is going to.”