G-Spot Faceoff: Which is more satisfying—sexual monogamy or promiscuity?

It’s no secret that sex is a favorite pastime of many college students, but as college culture transitions toward one-night stands and promiscuity as the sexual standard, we need to remember the merits of sex within monogamous relationships.

Though there is something to be said about the sense of spontaneity and anonymity that accompanies a random hookup, the fast turn-around rate doesn’t exactly allow for performance feedback. While a one-night stand might accidentally stumble upon your sweet spots, a committed sexual partner has done their research. They know you inside and out, both physically and emotionally. 

The difference between emotionally neutral sex and emotionally intimate sex is the difference between a selfish and selfless sexual experience. Unless your one-night stand is some kind of sexual saint, their goal for the experience is most likely to satisfy their own personal fantasies rather than to fulfill your physical needs. On the other hand, a sexually monogamous partner aims to please in exchange for a repeat performance.

Though I enjoy taking risks as much as the next person, sexual monogamy is simply safer. There is nothing wrong with having a healthy sexual appetite, but when it compromises your sexual health, we have a problem. Let’s be honest: You are more likely to trust the sexual health of a committed significant other than a random hookup you met at the bar, and with good reason. Bars are breeding grounds for more than just good stories.

While some people may feel liberated by the impersonal and noncommittal nature of the one-night stand, there are benefits to being comfortable with the person you’re hopping into bed with. At the end of the evening, if they know your flaws and you know theirs and you still want to rip each other’s clothes off, the sex will probably rock both your worlds.