The G-Spot: Does Valentine’s Day trump your period?

In the bathroom this week, I overheard a girl telling her friend that though she had hoped to sleep with her significant other on Valentine’s Day, she had one small problem: her period. Hearing this predicament made me wonder, does celebrating Valentine’s Day trump dealing with menstruation during sex? I say, yes, but not just on V-Day. You can have sex during menstruation on any day of the year.

Period sex often gets a bad reputation; it’s sometimes messy, and if you or your partner is squeamish about blood, it may not be the best route for you. But period sex can be incredibly pleasurable if you and your partner are both into it.

According to Laura Berman, assistant clinical professor of OB-GYN and psychiatry at Northwestern University, achieving orgasm - which sends a rush of endorphins through your system - during menstruation can often ease the symptoms of PMS. And if you’re engaging in vaginal intercourse and often have issues with lubrication, menstruation can help solve that problem.

But wait! Before you hop into bed, do not fall for the myth that a woman cannot become pregnant or contract a sexually transmitted disease during her period. This is absolutely untrue, and could potentially take all the fun out of your V-Day sex romp. So before you do anything, make sure you or your partner is prepared to use birth control.

Mechanics aside, choosing not to have sex during you or your partner’s period means choosing not to have sex for about a week each month. That means you’re spending almost 12 weeks of the year not having sex. And, really, who wants that?

So if you’re looking to have a sexy Valentine’s Day, just go with the flow. Period.