Running GAGG attracts gamers of all ages

Approximately 350 participants attended the Geneseo Area Gaming Group’s 17th annual Running GAGG Convention that ran Feb. 8-10.

According to GAGG President senior Josephine Lukito, Running GAGG is the bigger of GAGG’s two yearly events. This year’s convention featured many activities for various interests common in the gaming community. Attendees could participate in tabletop gaming or trading card tournaments. They were also able to buy items and gaming gear from vendors.

Lukito said that, despite all of the events throughout the weekend, the purpose of the convention is a social one.

“This is the biggest event of the year for us as it brings all members of the group together,” Lukito said. “Not just students and alumni, but friends and those who have fallen in love with the group travel from places like Syracuse, New York City and Delaware just for this event every year.”

Computer Information Technology systems manager and GAGG advisor Shawn Plummer, a member of the club during previous conventions, said that despite the weather, this year’s convention continued to provide the chance for members to play and socialize.

“This event really helps keep students and alumni in touch,” Plummer said. “Everyone works together for the convention. Students can access the experience and knowledge of the alumni but the students can do things - like bring in web artists - that we wouldn’t know to do.”

The convention also featured its annual charity auction from which the proceeds went to the Ronald McDonald House in Rochester. This year’s event raised $3,100, bringing GAGG’s total donation over the years to $31,000. Items for auction are donated by participating vendors and members.

Senior Sarah Kruidenier, GAGG’s incoming president, said that she’s a part of GAGG because she feels like a part of the community.

“In fall 2011 I went to the Inter Geek Council and that is where I met GAGG,” she said. “What brings me to them is that geeks have their own subculture and I like that. I can make references, play games and watch movies with people who know what I know.”

Kruidenier and the group will begin planning Running GAGG 2014 in the coming weeks. She said that she hopes to increase the presence of video games or include more advertising.

“GAGG is my main activity at college. I love gaming,” Kruidenier said.