AAIR provides allergy treatment for community

Allergy Asthma Immunology of Rochester opened a satellite office in Geneseo, allowing students access to health services previously unavailable. The office opened on Jan. 7 and is currently accepting patients for treatment.

AAIR is a private medical practice that treats allergies, asthma and rheumatology. It is one of the largest private practices in the Rochester area and is affiliated with several hospitals.

According to AAIR administrator Linda Marquardt, when the Lauderdale Health Center stopped providing allergy medication injections, Geneseo Health Services coordinated with the owners and practitioners of AAIR in order to find treatment options for students. As a result, AAIR decided to open a satellite office.

The demand for the office was a result of a lack of available allergy shots for Geneseo students. According to the AAIR website, the satellite office “now gives allergy shots to college students who formerly received this care at the health services office on campus.”

According to Marquardt, the decision to open the office was influenced by several other factors, including a high concentration of AAIR employees currently living in the Geneseo area.

“I think [opening this office] is going to be a win-win situation for everybody,” Marquardt said. “Not only are we providing services in a more convenient location, we have many people who live in that area to work who commute up to Rochester.”

According to Marquardt, opening a satellite office in Geneseo has decreased their commutes and provides the employees living in the Geneseo area with easy access to the office should patients ever need them.

The Geneseo office is the fourth satellite office for AAIR. The other offices are based in Brighton, N.Y., Perinton, N.Y. and Greece, N.Y. and are open Monday through Friday. The Geneseo satellite office is currently open on Mondays and Thursdays by appointment, with nurse practitioner Sandra Miceli accepting patients and overseeing allergy injections.

Starting in July 2013, Dr. Emily Weis will also join the practice and see patients at the Geneseo office.

Many physicians working for AAIR are also affiliated with the University of Rochester Medical Center. According to Marquardt, each doctor regularly partakes in training exercises for medical students and residents.

The Geneseo branch is located at 4500 Millennium Dr. According to the AAIR website, they will share the site with Urology Associates of Rochester, although both companies will be there on alternating days.

“We’re very excited about being in an area to provide services to college students and the community,” Marquardt said.