Incidental Faceoff: Breakups - Guys

Breakups are a difficult subject for me because I’ve never had a bad one. Have I had one? Yes. Was it good? Not really. Overall I’d say the experience was so-so but definitely not bad.

The point is being a guy gives me plenty to say about how my female peers should handle a breakup. 

The second your now-ex-boyfriend is out of sight you’re probably rapidly texting everyone to let them know that you and that idiot jerk face are over. Then your BFFs will reply with questions. Before you answer anyone, stop. You may not be thinking clearly and could be reeling from the mayhem. 

If you talk about it with your friends right after the breakup, you probably won’t be completely fair in your assessments. I don’t blame you for wanting to – he’s probably going to do the same thing with his bros.

Instead, wait a while. Sleeping on it is ideal. Then you can let it all out. Calming down first will do wonders for your stability and keep you sane.

Then you should do something ridiculous. Attempt to rekindle and maintain a friendship. Unless it was a one-night stand that ignited in Mama Mia’s, it probably took a while for you two to start dating. You probably both said you love each other at one point, too. 

Just because you’ve had your differences doesn’t mean you both don’t deserve each other’s friendship. Just think of yourselves as having been super cuddly friends at one point.

The next most important thing is stop yourself from looking for a rebound. Whether it’s to show him you don’t need him, plain old revenge or an attempt forget him, you’re not going to be starting a healthy relationship. Either you’ll start comparing your new companion to the old one or expect too much of them. You probably shouldn’t start a new relationship for at least a month.

Now that the worst is over, you’re ready for the last step: recovery. Do what works for you and you alone. 

What’s essential, though, is that you succumb to your mood foods, especially chocolate. That is, unless you don’t like chocolate. Then, dang, no wonder you’re single.